Is it just us, or does drama seem to follow reality star Tori Spelling around? The 41-year-old “True Tori” actress and her family endured a shock April 5 when they celebrated Easter Sunday at a Benihana restaurant in Southern California.

Apparently while Spelling, her husband Dean McDermott and their children were enjoying the Japanese cuisine, disaster struck when the Lifetime star tripped and toppled backward onto a hibachi grill.

“It was an unfortunate accident,” McDermott, 48, explained to the New York Daily News, revealing the seriousness of the burn. “She had to get skin grafts.”

After Spelling landed on the piping hot grill, she was taken to West Hills Hospital for treatment of   burns on the back of her right arm. But even scorched skin couldn’t stop Spelling from enjoying the holiday with her family. “Perfect #Easter Sunday! Aside from the Benihana Burn!” she gleefully captioned an Instagram image, just one of the many photos she posted from her Easter brunch.

McDermott added in his interview with the Daily News that despite the red-hot drama, they were able to “turn it around and have a lovely Easter.” When asked if he and Spelling were going to press charges against the restaurant, McDermott replied, “I don’t know.”

But the “Gourmet Dad” author is positive about one thing: His marriage to Spelling is stronger than ever. In a recent interview with Fox411, McDermott addressed how his relationship is faring since his cheating scandal surfaced. (McDermott admitted to locking lips with ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville’s “Unfiltered” podcast, Radar Online reported.)

“Amazing, absolutely amazing,” the “Chopped Canada” chef responded. “They are better now than before all of this happened. When something bad or tragic happens, people say ‘what’s the message?’ or ‘what’s the good in it?’ And the good in all of that is that it really got the two of us on track as a couple and really got our communication skills working and it got me sober and in recovery and it changed our lives and together we’re stronger because of it and more in love.”

McDermott teased that due to his strengthened partnership, he and his wife will return to TV sooner than we expected, on a new Cooking Channel show. “We’re going to some more reality TV,” he dished to Fox411. “It’s going to be lighthearted, nothing like ‘True Tori.’ Those days of baring our souls to the world are over.”

“True Tori” aired its final episode in June 2014.