Dean McDermott revealed he did not want to continue with “True Tori” and the latest rumor claims the “Chopped Canada” host does not want their four children to be featured on the reality series either. With “True Tori” signed on for a third season, Gossip Cop reported that the rumor is just that -- a rumor. So fans of Liam, 7, Stella, 6, Hattie, 3, and Finn, 2, may get to see the McDermott-Spelling kids on “True Tori.” For the past two seasons, the Lifetime series has documented Tori Spelling’s struggle to forgive her husband after his affair with mysterious mistress Emily Goodhand.

The gossip started after In Touch Weekly published an article in its print addition, citing an anonymous source. Lifetime will “never air the series” if the kids are not a part of it, the insider said, according to Gossip Cop. “This is frightening for Tori,” the person continued. “Tori is freaking out.”

Spelling, 41, hasn’t responded to the story, which is apparently a hoax, but instead shared a picture on Instagram from a family vacation. “Just posted pics from part 1 of our McDermott family holiday vacation!” she wrote in one shot. “Big Mama & littlest mama ski together... Just posted the rest of my pics from our family vacation!!” she wrote in another on Wednesday. McDermott, who apparently just celebrated one year of sobriety, has also been featured on her social media account.

The actor, 49, cited substance abuse and alcoholism as one of the reasons he cheated on his wife; so continued sobriety is most likely a good sign for the couple. “They bought some other merchandise as well and Dean said ‘he was in a really good place in his recovery and thank God for sobriety, as it has given him his life and family back,’” a source told Radar Online. “Tori bought Dean a new one-year medallion because she said that she was so proud of him for staying sober for the past year.”

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