Oh, deer! In a new 48-second YouTube video that is sure to go viral, a white-tailed deer crashed through a bus window in Pennsylvania. Surprisingly, the animal didn't seem to be harmed in the video, although it looked understandably panicked.

According to Tribune-Democrat.com, the deer had been crossing a street in Johnstown, Pa., on Tuesday evening when it wound up inside a CamTran bus. The clip is titled “Deer Fare,” since the animal dodged paying its bus fare.

In the video, the driver of the bus seemed just as stunned as the deer, which bucked wildly as it tried to exit the moving vehicle. Eventually, the bus stopped, but the shocked animal couldn't  figure out how to get off the vehicle. 

The CamTran bus picked up the footage when the unscheduled passenger flew through the front window while there was with one female passenger on the bus.

"The driver immediately stopped the bus,” CamTran spokesman Josh Yoder told Tribune-Democrat.com. "He opened the door and the deer just walked off the bus."

No one was reportedly injured, and the CamTran footage doesn’t show what happened to the animal. Its current condition and whereabouts are unknown.

Twitter users have commented on the video -- generally making quips at the animal’s misfortune. “How does a deer even manage to jump in a bus through the window WHILE ITS MOVING and then just prance out the door H O W,” @indig0ashley3h tweeted.

@ixSEANxi1 Jan 12 joked, “Seen a deer at a bus stop. I rolled down my window and yelled, "Dude you can't take the bus you're a deer." he didn't listen to me.”

Check out the amazing footage below: