Queensland government has to apologize over a pay anomaly that left thousands of nurses and doctors shortchanged.

Health staffers across the state have not been correctly paid because of a new payment system, with some of them left unable to meet bills.

Health Minister Paul Lucas said that he made it clear to bureaucrats to fix the pay glitch immediately and that they have to apologize to the staffers.

People's pay is their money, not Queensland Health's, and that is why this has to be remedied as soon as possible, Mr Lucas told reporters.

This new payment system will be better for everybody in the longer term, but I apologize for the errors and blunders that this has caused them.

He said that the new system's implementation required 140,000 manual adjustments reflecting casual timesheets to be entered into the system.

Meanwhile, he assured that payroll staff will work over the Easter break to ensure that all problems will be fixed.