The experimental DeltaWing race car makes a turn on a test track in a recently released video. The car is slated to compete in the 24 Heures du Mans 2012 race in a slot designated for a Car displaying new technologies and will be driven by Marino Franchitti.

DeltaWing Racing Cars has joined with Project 56 Partners, including Highcroft Racing, to bring the innovative car to the iconic 24-hour-long French endurance race, June 10 to 11.

The futuristic, jet-shaped race car will bring 300 break horsepower to the track with a reported aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.24 and weight of 475Kg, which combine with design innovations to improve fuel consumption without negatively impacting performance.

The new and experimental car is targeting competitive performance with only half the horsepower of the outright contenders. It does this through halving the amount of aerodynamic drag of traditional racing cars as well as [via] a similar reduction in weight, states Highcroft Racing's Web site.

During the race, the team plans to push the car to speeds as high as 200 mph.