New X Factor judge Demi Lovato has no tolerance for drugs, specifically the new zombie inducing powder, bath salts. Lovato reportedly kicked out two X Factor contestants when they started rapping about smoking bath salts.

TMZ reports that the Lovato throw down occurred at the X Factor auditions in Greensboro, NC. The line in the song that upset the former Disney star was, I'm high on bath salts.

While it's reported that many in the audience didn't even catch the line that the unidentified men were rapping, Lovato definitely did - and she was not pleased.

The X Factor judge had spent time in rehab in 2011 after admitting to using drugs and alcohol among other issues. Having heard the line, Lovato didn't think that the song the contestants sang was appropriate.

It's really inappropriate to rap about drugs in front of kids, TMZ reports that the starlet said to the pair auditioning. The audience was said to have booed the contestants off the stage.

She wasn't having any of it, a sourced revealed to E! News. The contestants were rumored to have tried to make an excuse about the lyrics, but Lovato quickly shot them down. You talked about bath salts, I heard you, the source continued.

Demi Lovato's decision to throw out the contestants was reportedly supported by her fellow judges.

Bath salts are a synthetic powder similar in effect to cocaine and crystal meth. Recent news reports have bath salts linked to people acting zombie-like and having cannibal tendencies.

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