It's Saturday night, and the feeling's right ... to watch presidential candidates argue on national TV. The third Democratic debate, hosted in New Hampshire by ABC News, begins at 8 p.m. EST Saturday. That means that, unlike this week's earlier Republican faceoff, you won't have work in the morning. You can drink freely (and responsibly, of course).

There are just three candidates left in the Democratic race: former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley. No matter who you're supporting, you're probably going to need alcohol for Saturday. Previous Democratic debates have proved to be less of a spectacle than GOP ones, though booze will surely make Saturday's more entertaining.

Grab some eggnog, load up the live stream and follow these drinking game rules, partially compiled from Bustle and Debate Drinking.

Sip whenever:

Sanders has to discuss the accusation that his campaign recently accessed voter data collected by Clinton's staff.

Someone takes on GOP front-runner Donald Trump's proposed ban on Muslim immigration.

Clinton reminds viewers that she'd be the first female president.

O'Malley mentions his Irish Catholic upbringing.

The moderators use a prerecorded video question you think is stupid.

Anyone says "Syria."

Gulp whenever:

A candidate mentions the New York Jets-Dallas Cowboys game taking place at the same time.

Sanders shakes his fists at the air.

O'Malley calls Trump his favorite insult: "carnival barker."

Someone addresses the people at home directly, à la New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Anyone brags about their endorsements.

Anyone says "Iowa" or faux-casually drops the exact number of days until the state's caucuses (44). 

Guzzle w​henever:

O'Malley tries to stir up drama with another person onstage.

You remember that O'Malley once performed a cover of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" on "The View."

Any candidate uses the anecdote of one American to address a bigger issue. Think Joe the Plumber.

Clinton chuckles darkly.

A moderator or candidate brings up Clinton's email scandal. Again.

You realize you could be at a bar instead of watching this.

And finish your drink if:

Anyone compares the GOP to the Dark Side.