According to MSN, former NBA bad boy Dennis Rodman is hard at work writing his first children's book, "Dennis the Wild Bull."

Rodman says he hopes the project will bridge the gap with his own children, as well as with his long-estranged father. The picture book will use his familial relationships as inspiration.

"We believe it's a step in the right direction for Dennis," said his agent. Using a children's picture book to exorcise his personal demons is a new wrinkle for the former basketball player, known for his exploits off the court as much as on.

Rodman, known for his outrageous looks (a wedding dress, bizarre hair colors, etc.), as well as his fantastic rebound, entered the NBA in 1986 after being drafted out of Southeastern Oklahoma State. According to the Bleacher Report, Rodman was the league's best rebounder, having led the league four times in rebounds during his career. He would also average more rebounds than any other player in the league.

MSN had the following to say about Rodman, "Rodman set the template, dyeing his hair various colors and acquiring an array of tattoos and body piercings before such things became more commonplace in pro basketball. He notoriously dressed in a wedding gown to promote a book and as a player had run-ins with referees and team officials."

There is no release date set for Rodman's first book.