Spanish fashion brand Desigual started an innovative marketing campaign in Berlin, Germany, offering huge discounts to shoppers who turn up in their underwear.

The marketing campaign drew huge attention because Desigual was giving away free clothes to the first 100 customers who turned up in their underwears on June 16 at the brand's premier shop in Berlin’s Tauentzienstrasse.

The shop drew huge crowds as many people were amused to see men and women, in their underwear, shop. What is more amazing is that at least 400-500 people had queued up overnight in front of the store, semi-naked.

The line of people drew so much attention from passing motorists that the police was forced to tell the store to open its doors 30 minutes early.

As the door opened, shoppers in their bras, panties and underwear rushed inside to grab items of clothings off the shelves.

While the first 100 shoppers got their clothes for free, other shoppers got 50 percent discount on all items in the summer collection.

Everyone in the line was also given Desigual goodie bags.

Similar campaigns were planned for stores in New York, Stockholm, London, Amsterdam, Prague and Madrid.

Desigual's slogan was: 'Arrive half naked - leave fully dressed.'

Check out the photos below: