Despite his fit of rage over being questioned on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna on 'Good Morning America', ABC is likely to keep the 'Dancing with the Stars' date with Chris Brown.

The singer was slated to perform on 'Dancing With the Stars' next week. However, following the violent incident at ABC's 'Good Morning America', doubts emerged if the network would be interested in entertaining Brown as a guest any longer. reported that several top executives were demanding a ban on the 21-year-old singer.

Brown unleashed his anger backstage after he was questioned on the 2009 assault on Rihanna, who was his girlfriend back then. The singer, who went to the 'GMA' interview to promote the release of his new album, F.A.M.E., made it clear that he wanted to discuss only about the album and nothing else.

It has now emerged that Brown will still be allowed to appear on 'Dancing with the Stars' as he is only expected to perform songs from F.A.M.E and nothing else.

Quoting sources, reported that Brown's 'Dancing' date will not be cancelled as there is no question of Rihanna being brought up during the show ticking off the singer.

He won't be interviewed and talking about Rihanna, but just singing songs from his latest album, sources said, adding therefore there shouldn't be anything in particular that would tick him off to cause a scene backstage.