Many mobile game fans were happily surprised with the match-3 RPG gameplay of “10000000” by EightyEight Games, perfectly balancing the dungeon crawler aspect of a role-playing game with the high-speed strategy needed in a puzzle combat system. Now EightyEight Games has announced the price and release date for the game’s sequel, “You Must Build A Boat,” which expands on the gameplay of “10000000,” while also having fans build a boat.

As the title states, the goal of “You Must Build A Boat” is to build a boat, traveling from dungeon to dungeon and taking on various monsters as characters continue to build their craft. According to Polygon, players will explore each dungeon and take on monsters and bosses so as to find new parts to build the boat with.

Of course, building a boat means building a crew as well, which is another feature fans will appreciate, especially since it’s a new gameplay mechanic that was not included in the game’s predecessor. Successfully looting dungeons means that players can hire members for the boat’s crew and eventually build an army to take on opposing forces, making dungeon crawling that much easier.

There also seems to be some inspiration taken from Pokemon, as Touch Arcade stated that players would also be able to recruit monsters from the dungeon to join the ship’s crew in the game. It’s still unsure how the player will be able to recruit said monsters, though the details will probably be revealed sooner or later.

As mentioned earlier, “You Must Build A Boat” is a sequel to the “10000000” game, a match-3 RPG game that originally mixed the dungeon crawling with puzzle-solving combat. When released, “10000000” was praised by fans and critics alike, with Touch Arcade giving the game a rare score of 5 out of 5.

“You Must Build A Boat” will be available for download on June 4 for Steam, the iTunes App Store and Google Play, with developer EightyEight Games promising that it will be available for other platforms as well. Whether this means that the game will be coming to consoles hasn’t been expounded upon. 

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You Must Build A Boat (Credit: YouTube/EightyEightGames)