When “Devious Maids” kicks off with a scene taken place in a sex dungeon, you know it’s going to be a good episode! “From Here to Eternity” began with Adrian (Tom Irwin) enjoying some intense -- but pleasurable -- pain, something he learned he was surprisingly into during the Season 3 premiere of the hit Lifetime series.

But Adrian’s happiness quickly fades when he spots red and blue lights flashing at his home. Taken back by the police activity, Adrian asks his wife what the fuss is all about. That’s when Evelyn (Rebecca Wisocky) reveals that she found a leg in her award-winning rose bush -- and no, Adrian. Not a “leg of lamb.”

Detective Figueroa then approaches the couple, asking them their whereabouts the night the murder -- and amputation -- occurred. Initially Adrian whips up the alibi (pun totally intended) that he was at his chiropractor. But when Evelyn questions his answer (who goes to the chiropractor at six in the morning?), he’s forced to come clean about his S&M experience.

“Why don’t I give you a minute,” the detective says, inching away from the couple.

“No stay. There’s going to be another murder,” Evelyn replies after she learns her husband is obsessed with the Velvet Whip.

While Adrian found himself a new hobby, Marisol (Ana Ortiz) landed herself a new gig! The former maid put her organizational skills to work as she created a placement agency for maids.

“Maids are helping everybody else…,” she says to her friends, unveiling the motto behind her new business.

“But who’s helping the maids?” Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez) jumps in, unable to let Marisol have her moment. And that’s only the beginning of the duo’s tension. As Marisol helps land maid after maid a job, Carmen becomes curious as to why her friend has yet to find her an employer.

Eventually Carmen discovers that Marisol is consciously not promoting her services because Marisol believes she is “a bad maid.” Carmen didn’t argue with the accusation because she knows she’s not the best. Carmen later understands that Marisol doesn’t want to associate her budding new company with a lackluster employee. That’s when Carmen decides she’ll find a gig on her own -- but that just means she’ll be camping out at Marisol’s home for a longer period of time.

Marisol and Carmen weren’t the only ones butting heads in episode 2 of “Devious Maids.” Zoila (Judy Reyes) and her daughter Val (Edy Ganem) couldn’t see eye-to-eye during the Season 3 installment. Both ladies had just gotten proposed to by their respective beaus but neither of the two newly engaged ladies would give the other their blessing. While Zoila thought Val was too young to get married, Val thought her pregnant mother was moving on too quickly following the death of Pablo (Alex Fernandez).

However, after a long talk (which involved finding out Val never had sex, fearing it was a sin per her mother) the mother/daughter duo came to realize that the reason they were opposed to the impending marriages was because it felt like a new, scary chapter in their lives.

“I got so upset because it feels like you’re starting a new family without me and it really hurts,” Val tells her mother only to have Zoila say she feels the exact same way.

But the most chilling storyline of episode 2 was when Blanca (Naya Rivera) learned the horrific truth about her employer, Taylor Stappord (Brianna Brown). Taylor tells Blanca that the reason her couches were covered in blood was because a burglar had broken into her home. Out of fear, Taylor allegedly grabbed a knife and stabbed the robber -- or at least, that's what she says. However, when the detective arrives to the Stappord’s door, Blanca learns Taylor was lying.  

“You lied to me,” Blanca calls out her employer before asking what really happened. Taylor, however, states it would be “better if you didn’t know.”

With that said, Blanca quits her job with the Stappord’s and revisits Marisol’s agency to look for a new employer. But Marisol has some wise advice for the newcomer. She says that when your employer asks a lot from you, you can ask a lot from your employer. That gives Blanca the idea to blackmail Taylor.

She returns to the Stappord’s home and tells Taylor that she’ll stay quiet about the murder if her education costs are taken care of, a proposal Taylor quickly agrees to for the sake of her daughter. Taylor reveals that she didn't go the legal route to adopt her daughter and is terrified that the murder will draw end with her losing her baby.

The episode then ends with viewers getting a peek into Katie’s terrifying psyche as drawings of a murder are horrifically drawn out. Is it safe to say Katie killed Michael (Brett Cullen)?

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