Getting hotter! That’s what we would say to the ladies of “Devious Maids” who are getting closer and closer to figuring out who is responsible for the gruesome string of murders in Beverly Hills. But despite all their fine detective work, the foursome is still one murder away from piecing together the blood-soaked puzzle of the Lifetime series’ third season.

Episode 8, “Cries and Whispers,” began on chilling note as the news reported the shocking "suicide" of Blanca (Naya Rivera), who was found hanged to death in the previous installment. But the demise of Blanca (who was kidnapped and killed by a mysterious character) was hardly mourned considering the Stappords’ maid was being dubbed as Louie Becker’s killer due to the note she left behind, which read “Forgive me.”

“This has to be wrong,” Rosie (Dania Ramirez) says, questioning whether or not Blanca could really be a killer. This sparks a debate amongst the friends, but eventually the four feel in their hearts that there’s no way Blanca could have committed murder.

“If that’s true – if this is a set up – then who killed Blanca?” Zoila (Judy Reyes) asks the most prominent question of the episode.

Taylor (Brianna Brown) is so devastated when the police show up to her house to ask questions about their former maid that she excuses herself, leaving Michael (Brett Cullen) alone with Rosie. That’s when Rosie decides to mention that she found Blanca’s broken necklace in their house. She theorizes that the necklace might have been broke during a struggle – leaving her to wonder if Blanca didn’t leave the Stappord home willingly the night she went missing. Michael acknowledges the theory but ultimately tells Rosie to keep Blanca-talk to a minimum for Katy’s (Grecia Merino) sake.

Michael then brings up the broken necklace to his wife, who is still overwhelmed with the idea of her maid being a killer and dead. Taylor’s husband even notes that Rosie thinks Blanca’s death could have been foul play. So, he asks his wife bluntly if she had something to do with their maid’s gruesome fate.

“If you know something about what happened to Blanca, tell me,” he says, adding that they’re on the same team. “Be honest with me.”

But Taylor didn’t want to be honest because that would make Michael an accomplice in whatever deadly scheme she’s currently entangled in. And both of them can’t be in prison. Who would raise Katy?

Taylor reveals to Rosie at the end of episode 8 that Michael has decided to leave her, but not before he witnesses his wife become overwhelmed with fear at the thought of someone breaking into their home. Did Taylor finally tell Michael the truth? Or did the Beverly Hills death toll just raise again?

Other Major Moments From Episode 8

Ou La La!

Genevieve (Susan Lucci) returned from Greece in episode 7 following Zoila’s distressed phone call. But it wasn’t until episode 8 did the socialite reveal to her pregnant maid that she was bringing back a little bit of Greece with her: Dr. Christopher (John O’Hurley).

Zoila, however, wasn’t excited that the doctor was joining their small family. And apparently the feeling was mutual. After learning his beau had spilled intimate moments from their bedroom rendezvous to Zoila (like his obsession with screaming “Ou la la” after every arousal), the physician called Genevieve out for being too close with her maid.

Zoila eventually agrees with that statement and decides that it’s best if she was going to move out of Genevieve’s home so that her friend’s romance with Christopher could thrive.

Cheaters Never Prosper

Carmen finds herself stuck between a rock and a hard place in episode 8 when she’s forced to befriend the wife of her married lover who also has the strings to help launch Carmen’s singing career. But her dilemma disappears when she goes on a double date with Sebastien (Gillies Marini), the wife he’s cheating on, Jacklyn (Michelle Hurd), and her fake boyfriend from the coffee shop.

During what she thought was going to be an awkward outing turns into a blessing in disguise when everyone at the table witnesses Sebastien flirting with the waitress. This causes Jacklyn to flee the restaurant and pushes Carmen to call off her romance with the scoundrel.

“Women like us, we don’t need men like that,” Carmen says to Jacklyn, attempting to soothe her broken heart and lift her spirits. And apparently it worked because next thing Carmen knows, Jacklyn is locking lips with her!

Be Aggressive! B-E Aggressive!

Jesse (Nathan Owens) had us scratching our heads in episode 8. Not only did he tell Marisol (Ana Ortiz) that she shouldn’t cancel Blanca out as a potential murder suspect because “under the right circumstances good people can be capable of pretty bad things” but he was also wielding a gun in the back of his pants. Last time we checked, that wasn’t a necessary tool for being a maid! Does that mean we just spotted the murder weapon?

But in between all that suspect behavior, Jesse proved how much he loved Marisol when he got aggressive with a man sexually harassing his girl. Marisol was meeting with a potential partner when his flirting took a disrespectful turn. Thankfully Jesse was there to throw him out of the house, which was followed by a threat.

Marisol is disturbed by his behavior and calls him out for it. But the tables quickly turn when a young, flirty girl hits on her man right in front of her – literally. Marisol is actually pushed out of the way as the bar patron tries to land Jesse’s digits. But it isn’t until Jesse has his butt grabbed did Marisol fly off the handle.

“Hands off b----!” she says while pushing the girl back.

Crossing Paths

Ernesto’s (Cristian de la Fuente) secret was finally revealed in episode 8. As it turns out, he was not captured by the Cartel but instead was a member of it – and one of the best members, according to one of his partners. Because Ernesto was so good, his boss is now requesting for him to return to work.

Initially Ernesto says no. But the crook then threatens the life of his wife is, causing him to snoop around the Stappord home to keep on eye on Rosie. However, Ernesto gets caught trespassing, and nearly bludgeoned to death with a golf club by Michael.

Ernesto says the “reason” he was sneaking around, dressed in black was because he wanted to spy on his wife and make sure Rosie was safe – unlike the other Stappord maid who died. He pleads with Rosie to leave the job out of fear that the Cartel is hunting her down (he doesn't tell her that though). But his tune quickly changes when he sees Katy.

“You should keep working here. I’m sure that little girl really needs you,” he suspiciously says.

Viewers later learn that Ernesto knows the Stappord girl and apparently so does his Cartel boss.

“Tell him I found the little girl he’s been looking for,” he tells his dangerous associate.

Could Ernesto be trying to hang over Katy for the safety of his own family? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts and don’t forget to tune in to “Devious Maids” on Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.