Did viewers finally learn who was behind all the heinous murders in Beverly Hills? Sure seems like it! But seeing as though this is “Devious Maids,” we having a feeling the Season 3 plot will keep us guessing until Lifetime series airs its dramatic finale.

In episode 10, Rosie (Dania Ramirez) and Marisol (Ana Ortiz) theorize together that perhaps Olivia (Valerie Mahaffey) could be the conniving killer – the very one that sliced up the tennis pro and hanged their friend.

“You think Michael’s (Brett Cullen) ex-wife murdered Blanca (Naya Rivera)?” Rosie asks. “This is crazy.”

“So is Olivia,” Marisol quips back. And it’s true. She is. When the pill-popping socialite previously met up with Marisol to discuss a possible job opportunity for Jesse (Nathan Owens), the red headed suspect dished the delightful secret that she’s been seeing Michael for the past few months. (Meanwhile it was Michael who thought Taylor [Brianna Brown] was cheating on him!)

“The whore is finally getting a taste of her own medicine,” Olivia said of Michael’s former mistress, admitting that she was taking pleasure in watching Taylor’s life fall apart. “I couldn’t have planned it better myself.”

Next thing viewers see is Olivia hanging up with a mysterious caller (possibly an accomplice?) moments before shaving her head a la Britney Spears circa 2007. Is it possible that Olivia could have played a part in the death of Louie and Blanca? And what motivated her to become bald?

Other Major Moments From Episode 10


Taylor wasn’t the only one who got a taste of her own medicine in episode 10. Carmen ( Roselyn Sanchez ) also felt the wrath of karma when Jacklyn (Michelle Hurd) found incriminating videos on Carmen’s phone, which was lodged between the cushions of Jack’s couch.

“I finally know who [my husband’s] been screwing and the bitch is gonna pay,” she says coldly.

But before Jacklyn could seek vengeance, Carmen whips up a lie stating that the reason she and Sebastien (Gillies Marini) were texting back and forth was because she had hired him as a realtor. But of course, Jacklyn is much smarter than to believe that. So, instead the music producer plays dumb and pretends like Carmen’s fable is actually true.

“I am so relieved. I was going to murder you,” Jacklyn says with a laugh. But instead of killing Carmen, Jacklyn slaughters the crooner’s music career.

During Carmen’s first televised appearance, which was scheduled to promote her impending album, Jacklyn switched out Carmen’s flashy music video with a video of her client rolling around in the sheets with her husband.

Distraught, Carmen ends her controversial rendezvous with Sebastian. But the damage is already done. While attempting to apologize to Jacklyn, Carmen learns that the label isn’t going to drop her. But not because they want to produce her music – instead Jacklyn reveals the label is going to let Carmen’s music sit on a shelf and rot.

“You’re not going to make music anywhere else,” Jacklyn says menacingly.

Rosie Learns The Truth

Rosie became suspicious of Taylor when she notices Michael’s wife is routinely going to the “gym” nearly every afternoon – with no gym bag. Eventually Rosie doubt gets the best of her and she follows her employer to her workout only to learn that Taylor is having an affair with Spence (Grant Show)!

However, the conclusion Rosie jumps to that Spence is sleeping with Taylor is false. Taylor promises her maid that she and Spence weren’t sleeping with each other. He’s her addiction sponsor – or should we say was her addiction sponsor. Taylor dishes that she slapped him because she felt like yet another person was leaving her high and dry (like Michael did).

“He’s a good guy,” she laters adds saying that he didn’t tell Rosie the truth about them because their group is anonymous.

Maid Code

Zoila (Judy Reyes) was getting completely outshined – literally – by Dr. Neff’s (John O’Hurley) maid, Joy (Joy Osmanski). When Zoila, who was trying to win Dr. Neff’s affection, would make him a turkey sandwich, Joy would whip up a Thanksgiving feast for the bird-loving doc.

“I told you I’m trying to impress Dr. Neff but I can’t do that if you’re one upping  me,” Zoila confides in Joy before explaining Maid Code to Joy.

But the competitive maid states that she refuses to do a bad job just to make Zoila look good. So while Zoila sweeps the floors, Joy waxes them. But it's that very task that becomes her burden when she slips on the slippery floor with a urn holding the ashes of Dr. Neff’s beloved mother.

With a face full of soot, Zoila can see how upset Joy is. And that’s because Joy feels like she owed Dr. Neff after he took her in.

“He gave me this job. He took care of me.. like a dad,” she sulks. So, Zoila being the empathetic maid she is, empties the vacuum cleaner in the urn. But of course the obsessive Dr. Neff feels a weight difference in the vase.

Zoila ultimately takes the blame for Dr. Neff’s maid – and Joy can’t believe it.

“Like I said maid code. We’ve got each other’s back,” Zoila says.

But will Joy have Zoila’s back when he tries to get Genevieve’s maid fired?

The Powell Family

Despite his original skepticism, Adrian (Tom Irwin) ends up falling in love with his and Evelyn’s (Rebecca Wisocky) foster child, Deon, after he learns just how manipulative the adorable child is.

“I know I said I was afraid of getting attached but the truth is, he’s growing on me,” Adrian admits. “If you want to make Deon a part of the family I’m willing to try.”

So, when child services comes to the Powell resident to check out the house and the stability of the Powell family, the three cunning characters join forces and blackmail Deon’s way into the clan by taking embarrassing photos of the child service person after Evelyn accidentally drugged her.

“Oh my God. This little boy is extorting me,” she says in disbelief.

“Turns out he’s a Powell after all,” Adrian responds proudly.

"Devious Maids" airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.