Another wedding, another casualty -- that seems to be the Season 3 theme of “Devious Maids,” doesn’t it? But before the vows were read or any necks were snapped, here’s what went down in the third episode of the Lifetime series.

“The Awful Truth” kicked off with Ernesto (Cristian de la Fuente) looking for his wife. But when he arrives to the hospital in search for his beloved, he learns Rosie (Dania Ramirez) has been sent home to live out her happily ever after with a new husband. But Rosie’s perfect fairytale marriage is missing one thing: sex. It’s revealed that the newlyweds have yet to consummate their marriage due to Spence’s (Grant Show) concern that arousal could send Rosie back in a coma. Confident guy, huh?

When Rosie leaves the room, Spence receives a phone call from the hospital stating that a man named Ernesto is in search of Rosie. But Spence is convinced it’s some sort of a sick joke seeing that Ernesto is dead! That’s when he decides it’s best to not mention anything to his wife.

Speaking of death, Blanca (Naya Rivera) is still concerned over the unsettling drawings she found in Katie’s room -- you know… the one’s depicting a murder scene. That’s when the Stappord’s new maid decides to bring the images to Taylor’s (Brianna Brown) attention. But Taylor doesn’t understand what the photos could possibly be about considering Katie was asleep when the “burglary” took place.

Instead of showing the startling pictures to Michael (Brett Cullen) -- who was revealed to be alive! -- Taylor ends up throwing the gruesome photos in the garbage, which is exactly where Blanca finds them. So, the maid decides to take matters into her own hands and confronts the artist herself.

“That’s my daddy,” Katie says, revealing who the man bleeding-out in the photo was. This leaves Blanca unnerved. And she’s not the only Beverly Hills resident dealing with trauma over a death. Evelyn has her hands full trying to sell her “Murder House.”

While introducing Carmen (Roselyn Sanchez), the Powell’s new maid, to Adrian (Tom Irwin), Evelyn spots a bus full of tourists gawking at her extravagant home. But the travelers weren’t there to admire Evelyn’s award-winning rose bush, instead they were gazing at the mansion dubbed the “Powell Murder House,” which was the location of three gruesome murders, according to the tour guide.

That’s when Evelyn decides it’s time to move. But her decision to pack up and leave will come at a cost, according to Adrian, who loves his beloved home. But unfortunately for the Powell patriarch, Evelyn isn’t willing to meet her husband halfway when he brings home a toy for “light, torture play.” Adrian decided that in compensation for selling his home, he wants his wife to partake in some S&M.

“It’s bad enough our home is a murder house. I don’t want to turn it into a sex dungeon,” she says, turning down the idea. But luckily for Adrian, he gets his painful fix when Carmen accidentally slams a door on his hand while trying to keep her employer out of a room that she was just using for her own pleasure -- with Sebastien (Gilles Marini). Yes, apparently those two just can’t get enough of each other!

Carmen wasn’t the only one sneaking around with a secret in episode 3. Zoila continued staying tight-lipped about who her real baby daddy was -- well, until Rosie saw her stomach. While helping Zoila out of a wedding dress she was trying on, Rosie figures out that her friend was at least four or five months along on her pregnancy, which would mean Zoila got pregnant before the shooting. That’s when it clicks for Rosie that the father of Zoila’s baby is Pablo (Alex Fernandez). But Zoila is scared that if she tells Javier (Ivan Hernandez) the truth, she could lose the love of her life, which is exactly what happens.

Zoila’s 80,000 dollar wedding goes down the drain when the bride-to-be confesses to her fiancé that the baby growing in her belly belongs to another man. An ounce of Zoila thought Javier might be understanding considering he too had a past (Javier lied about being married before), but that wasn’t the case. Javier leaves the wedding, which was previously interrupted by Ernesto’s debut, announcing to Zoila that he can no longer trust her.

Rosie also had it out with Spence in episode 3 after she learns her husband was keeping Ernesto’s return to Beverly Hills from her. Spence swore he hid the truth for her well being but we think Ernesto hit the nail on the head when he asked Spence whether or not he was worried Rosie might leave him for her first husband.

But the real shocker occurred at the very end of the episode when a masked villain attacked Blanca. Blanca had just entered the Stappord’s home following the wedding, only to be greeted with a bag being thrown over her head.

Could Taylor have had something to do with Blanca’s attack? She was on edge regarding her maid’s constant inquiring about Katie’s pictures. And there was that suspicious phone call Taylor made after Blanca nearly spilled the beans about the “burglary” to Michael. After all, curiosity did kill the cat.

“Devious Maids” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EDT on Lifetime.