Ready for more “Devious Maids”? Although the series has yet to be renewed for a fourth season, Brian Tanen, showrunner of the hit Lifetime drama, is quite confident that audiences will get to reunite with their favorite characters in a future installment.

“I am very optimistic,” Tanen revealed to the Hollywood Reporter his thoughts on “Devious Maids” getting picked up for Season 4. “The show has been exciting and fun this year and I’m hopeful that Lifetime will give us a fourth season. It’s not in my hands, but I’m optimistic. We should have an answer about a potential season four by the end of September.”

Tanen is so hopeful that the Marc Cherry-created series will be given the green light for another drama-stuffed season that he’s already teasing viewers what’s next in the nail-biting storyline.

“We have talked about various strategies, but I will say that at the beginning of every year we deviate quite a bit from the plan when we figure out who our new characters are going to be. I wouldn’t place any bets right now on what’s going to happen. It’s a little bit up in the air.”

Sabrina Wind, executive producer of the show, divulged more concrete intel on the potential forthcoming installment during an interview with TVLine. Despite staying tight-lipped regarding whether Adrian (Tom Irwin) survived the fiery blast during the Season 3 finale, Wind confirmed that that particular plot point is going to be a “great story to tell” if the show is renewed.

The EP also dished what characters fans should anticipate to be missing from the upcoming series. According to Wind, both Taylor (Brianna Brown) and Katy (Grecia Merino) will be absent come Season 4.

“We should not expect to see them,” she stated, adding that their absence won’t necessarily be permanent. “We really thought of that as a beautiful way to end their story; they’re happy and safe from the cartel.”

In the Season 3 finale, the mother-daughter duo fled the cartel-infested Beverly Hills to live out a long, safe life under the new identities of Abby and Rosie. However, the same couldn’t be said for Taylor’s husband Michael (Brett Cullen) who was shot to death by the Season 3 killer Sebastien (Gillies Marini).

Tanen told the Hollywood Reporter that the death of Cullen’s character wasn’t always set in stone – that is, until it was decided that there needed to be “some serious repercussions in the finale.”

“Somebody probably had to die and it would be a really big and shocking moment, the kind of moment that would let the audience know this was a seriously dangerous situation that we were playing for life and death. That came up as we were writing the finale,” he explained. So, the writers let Cullen know that he would be on the chopping block come the show’s Season 3 finale.

“He was very good about the whole thing,” Tanen explained how Cullen took the news of being killed off from “Devious Maids.” “He told me he had been expecting to be either revealed as the villain or to be killed all season. He was waiting for that shoe to drop. He was an absolute great sport about it and it made for a great shocking moment in the finale. ”

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