An Italian long-distance runner is facing disciplinary action after he allegedly filled a fake penis with clean urine in order to pass a doping test.

According to the Telegraph, Devis Licciardi, 27, had just finished a 10km race at Molfetta, in the Puglia region of southern Italy, when he was asked to take a urine test for banned substances.

Licciardi -- a runner for the Italian Air Force team – reportedly told the attending doctor he wanted to be alone when he took the test, but the doctor refused, in accordance with anti-doping laws.

The runner was then busted trying to siphon clean, uncontaminated urine using a fake penis hidden in his underwear, the Telegraph reports.

The incident was immediately reported to Italian Olympic Committee, which released a statement: "An investigation has been launched and Devis Licciardi will appear before an anti-doping disciplinary panel on Wednesday," according to the Daily Mail.

Licciardi faces a two-year ban from the sport if he is found guilty.

As Breitbart reports, Licciardi is believed to have used a device known as “The Whizzinator,” which is a prosthetic penis with a vial of dehydrated urine that can be turned into liquid using an accompanying chemical heat pack. A syringe and a temperature indicator are also included. The fake penis comes in three colors: white, black and "latino."

The device appears to have many satisfied customers. One person on Facebook writes: “I absolutely love the wizinator touch. I passed my drug test with ease and the person giving the test watched me pee!!! It is worth every penny real talk.”

Licciardi has not issued a statement on the charges.