Devo singer and bassist Gerald "Jerry" Casale says he has an explanation for his inappropriate wedding cake after photos from his nuptials to Krista Napp were published online. Fans of the 67 year old were shocked to discover that the couple chose to have their cake shaped like the World Trade Center Twin Towers when they tied the knot on Friday, Sept. 11.

The photos of the cake – which also featured Casale and Napp’s face on the Twin Towers – were posted by TMZ. Guests at their reception, which was held at Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica, California, reportedly weren’t surprised by the bizarre and offensive pastry. One person in attendance told the outlet that Casale has “real heart as an artist, and is a super sweet guy.” However, Casale is claiming that the cake at his wedding was a “surprise.”

Casale, who also co-founded Devo, took to Twitter to issue an apology and clear up any rumors surrounding his wedding day. He tweeted the following message:

The recording artist also spoke to Billboard about the controversy, explaining the situation in more detail. According to Casale, the reason he and Napp, 26, got married on the 14-year anniversary of the September 11 attacks is because their marriage application was going to expire and the Beverly Hills Court House is only open Fridays.

So, how did they end up with a cake of the Twin Towers? Before the ceremony, which only involved the couple a witness, someone told Casale that it wasn’t appropriate for the two to wed on Sept. 11. Casale reportedly said that he and his bride “are the Twin Towers of Love.” He told Billboard that he cited Donald Trump, who wanted to rebuild the towers at the site as a “f--- you to anyone who threatens our way of life or freedom to live.” A friend allegedly overheard Casale and offered to bring the cake to the reception, which had approximately 20 close friends of the couple. Casale and Napp didn’t realize that the cake was shaped like the Twin Towers until they moved into another room at the restaurant for dessert.

Casale added that they spent their honeymoon in Joshua Tree, California, over the weekend and didn’t realize that the photos from the reception were leaked until Monday morning. He believes that one of his guests sold the images to TMZ, and says that it “ruined our wedding.”