Osama bin Laden's fifth wife, Amal al-Sadah, reportedly made a suicide pledge for the sake of her terrorist husband and said she wanted to be martyred with him rather than leave him for safety.

Al-Sadah, who married Bin Laden at the age of 17 and lived with him till his last day, refused to heed Bin Laden’s advice that she return to Yemen, her home country, in the run-up to the hideous terror act of blowing up the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

I want to be martyred with you and I won't leave as long as you're alive, she said, the Daily Mail reported, citing her relatives in Yemen.

The teenage girl, who her family recalls as very religious, was taken out of Yemen and brought to Pakistan. She stayed a few days in a guest house in Karachi before being taken to Quetta and from there to Kandahar in Afghanistan where bin Laden was stationed 11 years ago. Osama was 43 years when he married her.

The Mail says that according to her cousin, who spoke from the family's apartment in the small town of Ibb, near Saana, that she 'wanted to go down in history'.

The family said Al-Sadah, a high school drop-out, dared death when Bin Laden told her that life with him would be dangerous. I've made my decision, she told him.

Also, she said she was happy living a perilous life with Bin Laden, in the caves of Afghanistan. It's true that my life is one of moving between caves in Afghanistan, but despite the bitterness of this life ... I'm comfortable with Osama,' she had told her father.