Dexter ended last season as it always does, with a cliffhanger. After finally realizing her feelings for her adopted brother are romantic, Deb goes to find Dexter at a crime scene he is supposed to be closing out with his blood splatter report. However, Deb walks in on Dexter killing Travis Marshall. That's where the season ends.

Fans have to wait until September to find out what will happen between Deb and Dexter and how much Deb will learn of Dexter's serial killer ways. Not to mention how she is going to process everything and what she will do with this new knowledge about her brother.

While we may have to wait till September, E! News is revealing that there is a new lady coming to Dexter. The character's name will be Hannah and she is described as sexy, dangerous and a force of nature. Until she meets Dexter she is trying to put her colorful past behind her, but when she meets Dexter all that changes. Rumor has it, she will be sticking around for the eighth season, which will sadly be the last.

Hannah sounds like a mix between season 2's Lila Tournay, who was a pyromaniac that Dexter met in Narcotics Anonymous after Rita convinced him to join, because she thought he was an heroin addict and season 5's Lumen, who Dexter rescued from a serial killer and formed a close bond and relationship with after Rita was killed in the season before. Dexter ended up having to kill Lila at the end of Season 2 after she tried to kill Rita's children in a fire and Lumen decided to leave and go home at then end of season 6.

It will be interesting to se what Hannah's relationship with Dexter will be. Will she know his dark secret or will she be more like Rita and how is Deb going to react to Hannah?