"Dexter" star Michael C. Hall was on the receiving end of the needle this time when he was getting a tattoo on his foot in Hollywood. TMZ reportedly caught the entire ink session on film.

[Click here to see his new tattoo]

Hall was spotted by TMZ on Monday when they passed by a Los Angeles tattoo parlor where an artist inking him with a mysterious piece of artwork on the top of “Dexter’s” right foot.

While getting the tattoo, Hall was shown nodding his head in approval when the artist had finished working on the top of his foot.

Upon leaving the shop, Hall was asked by TMZ about the new season of “Dexter” and who Hall’s character will be killing in the upcoming episodes.

But Hall is just as illusive as his onscreen character. At first he didn’t answer and then responded, “Bad guys, man,” and gave a coy smile. “Piles of  them.”

It’s also been reported that Hall considers himself the Susan Lucci of the Emmys because he’s been nominated five times for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series but has yet to win and when asked he responded:

“Yeah, I’ve made that joke in an interview just because I’ve been nominated a lot and never won. But it’s nice to be invited to the party, I’m not complaining.”

Though the Emmys haven't recognized his work on “Dexter,” the actor won a Golden Globe in 2010, a Screen Actors Guild award in 2010 and a Satellite Award in 2007. 

His Showtime hit series is in its seventh season and airs on Sundays at 9 p.m.

It seems that some of his character's quirky antics have rubbed off on the actor because when Hall was about to leave for good he was asked about the design he had just gotten and he quipped back, "I'm just doctoring up my alien markings."

From the way the picture of his new tattoo looks, he could be telling the truth.

Take a look at the footage of Michael C. Hall getting his new tattoo, aka "alien marking cover-up."