Blizzard revealed the exclusive pre-order bonuses for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of "Diablo 3" at E3 2013 Wednesday. The bonuses range from the purely aesthetic, to the moderately useful, to the very helpful. Check them out below.



Our personal favorite is the Infernal Helm, which boosts your experience gain by 25 percent, and Leah's Ring, boosting your resistances by 48 percent, vitality by 93 and magic find by 25. Yummy. However, considering how easy the PC version of "Diablo 3" is until you get to Inferno, offering items that make the game even easier really wasn't necessary, assuming that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will offer the same experience. Console-based "Diablo 3" players will also be able to add white and black color dyes to their character's armor, changing their in-game appearence.

Not all of the pre-order bonuses are available to both consoles, though. The Internal Helm, Angelic Wings and armor dyes with be available on both PS3 and Xbox 360. However, the Hero's Journey, Drake's Amulet, Leoric's Gauntlets, Crimson Angelic Wings and Leah's Ring are PS3-only exclusives. The Hero's Journey is stylized after "Journey," a PlayStation game, while "Drake's Amulet" is designed to be a hat-tip to "Uncharted," another game exclusive PlayStation game.

Moreover, PC gamers should be upset. PC gamers made "Diablo 3" one of the best selling games ever, and they've had to deal with tons of ridiculous glitches ranging from the inability to play because of Blizzard server issues, to account hacking epidemics, to most recently, the gold duping bug. Where are the bonuses for "Diablo 3"'s PC players? Where is their exclusive "Half-Life," "Portal," and "Amnesia: The Dark Descent"-themed gear? They've dealt with so much since the game's release last year. If anyone deserves any bonuses, its "Diablo 3"'s PC community, which has made it the incredibly popular power-franchise that it has become.

What do you think of the "Diablo 3" pre-order bonuses for Xbox 360 and PS3? Which of the bonuses is your favorite and why? Do you agree or disagree that the console-exclusive bonuses are unfair to "Diablo 3"'s PC players? Why or why not? Are you looking forward to the release of "Diablo 3" on Xbox 360 and PS3? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.