A high-intensity form of yoga developed by former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page helped a former disabled veteran lose 140 pounds and walk without assistance for the first time in 15 years.

Arthur Boorman, 47, lost an amazing 140 pounds using DDP, the name of the yoga routine, showcased in a video that has gone viral. The video of the Gulf War veteran's progress from using crutches to walk around to becoming a svelte, able-bodied man has gotten more than three million views since being loaded on YouTube on April 30th.

Boorman sent an email to Dallas Page, who is best known for his Diamond Cutter, and the two began exchanging emails and encouragement. The yoga routine helped Boorman lose weight at a rapid rate - he lost 100 pounds in six months according to the video - as well as it helped him with strengthening his legs and bettering his balance.

The big part of it was getting your head right ... once my mind was in the right place, it was just a matter of getting the work done, Boorman told ABC News.

The most amazing thing of Boorman's story was that doctors had told him for years that he wouldn't be able to walk again and he had accepted it as fact before one day he stumbled upon the DDP yoga and began to reconsider the possibilities.

I was up late, on a search engine just typing different things, and I typed in yoga and broken back, and up popped Dallas' page, he said.

Since regaining the ability to walk and losing a tremendous amount of weight, Boorman has become a yoga teacher.

Watch the amazing video below and just try not to cry at the end.