Hong Kong police on Thursday said they are investigating Internet photos showing a group of policewomen in controversial poses, pointing guns at each other and pulling up their uniform skirts, reported AFP.

Over 100 photos, which were posted to a blog called The Diary of a Policewoman, include one in which two policewomen touching each other's breasts and another of a group dressed in their underwears. The photos were displayed in Chinese-language newspapers this week.

Some of the images were reportedly taken in a Kowloon police locker room.

An internal disciplinary inquiry has been launched, a police spokesman told AFP. It was confirmed, by the spokesman, that the pictures were posted on the personal bog of a female police office, but he would not identify her.

The police are investigating this and we will take action if they are found to have breached any disciplinary rules or the police code of conduct, he said.

The female officer, according to local reports, is 25-years-old.  She uploaded over 100 photos  since joining the police force in 2007 on her blog The Diary of a Policewoman.

Hong Kong Police Inspectors Association Chairman Benjamin Tsang Chiu-fo told the South China Morning Post that officers needed to watch their behavior.

No matter whether they are on or off duty, they should behave themselves because the public have high expectations of them, Tsang said. The force's management should also look into whether new guidelines or circulars should be issued to ensure no such incident happens again.

But reports indicate that similar incidents have occurred in the past.

Last year, a local newspaper published a photograph of an officer posing with one of his relatives pointing a handgun at him, BBC reported. And in 2009, two officers photographed each other in romantic poses while they were on bicycle patrol.