Dick Trickle 911 Call -- 'I'm the One' - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

In a calm voice, Dick Trickle told the 911 operator where police can find his body.

The 71-year-old legendary Nascar driver who committed suicide Thursday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound called 911 moments before he pulled the trigger, TMZ reports.

“There’s going to be a dead body -- suicide,” Trickle tells the operator. He goes into detail that the body will be found by a ’93 pickup truck in the Forest Lawn Cemetery in North Carolina.

Trickle refused to give his name but told the operator that he was speaking about his own suicide. "No, I'm the one," he said.

Trickle has been living in Lincoln County since the 1990s. His body was discovered by his pickup truck Thursday afternoon, according to the Charlotte Observer.

The veteran Nascar driver made a name for himself in 1989. The then 48-year-old grandfather had won 1,200 stock car competitions in 31 years, CNN reports.

"Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Dick Trickle on his passing today," Brian France, Nascar chairman and CEO, said. "Dick was a legend in the short-track racing community, particularly in his home state of Wisconsin, and he was a true fan favorite."

In 2001, Trickle’s 16-year-old granddaughter, Nicole Ann Bowman, died in a car accident in front of East Lincoln High School in Denver, N.C. She was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery.