Eva Mendes didn’t attend the “Gangster Squad” premiere in Hollywood on Wednesday with boyfriend Ryan Gosling, but the Cuban-American actress’ clothes apparently did.

The actor attended the premiere of his latest movie with his mother and told reporters she was wearing his 38-year-old girlfriend’s clothes to his red carpet event.

"My mother's wearing all my girlfriend's clothes," Gosling told E! News, an inside fact that seemed plausible considering the paisley-print coat she was donning looked like something Mendes would wear.

"I'm wearing Eva Mendes," his mother Donna confirmed to E! News, adding, "She let me raid her closet."

Us Weekly then asked Gosling if his mother made the perfect date and the 32-year-old cutely responded:

"I mean, where do I start?" he replied. "That's an impossible question to answer. She's amazing!"

One reason he thinks his mom is so “amazing” is that she reportedly adores Mendes.

"Donna and Eva get along really, really well," a source told Us in 2012. "Donna wants Ryan to settle down, and Eva is all about getting him on that train too, so they're both on the same page."

According to an insider, the celebrity couple had been “friends for years” but decided to exchange their friendship for romance while working on the set of "The Place Beyond the Pines" in 2011, simultaneously breaking the hearts of women everywhere.

“Gangster Squad” premieres in theaters on Friday, and the movie where Gosling and Mendes seemingly fell in love, “The Place Beyond the Pines,” can be seen in theaters throughout the country on March 20.