MTV star Diem Brown is gone but not forgotten, especially not by those closest to her. Brown died in November 2014 after a long battle with cancer, but her friends all spoke up on social media to celebrate her birthday. June 12 would’ve been Brown’s 35th birthday, and those close to her posted messages of remembrance. However, E! News correspondent Alicia Quarles' tribute was much more permanent. She got a tattoo.

Quarles started out posting a photo of herself with "The Challenge" star. “You were one of my bridesmaids when I recited these words as my wedding vows,” she wrote on Instagram. “Now I dedicate them to you, my sister, soulmate, best friend and true love.” Then she wrote E.E. Cummings’s poem, “I Carry Your Heart.”

After wishing her late friend a happy birthday, Quarles went to get inked. She had two angel’s wings tattooed at the base of her neck. The host told her followers that it was dedicated to Brown and revealed why she chose the design.

"Every time she went thru that hell called chemo, the curls on the left and right sides of her head were the only/last pieces that would fall out,” Quarles explained. “We always thought it was a sign from her mom who called those little curls Diem's angel wings, when D was a baby. Now I have my wings. Always and forever. #FCancer.”

Brown died on Nov. 14, 2014 after her third time fighting cancer. Her ovarian cancer had spread to her stomach and colon. Just before her passing, Brown went on Twitter and asked fans to contact Quarles to share messages of support and advice.

Right after Brown’s death, Quarles also used social media to share her memories of her friend. “I've always told you, you are my earth angel,” she wrote last fall. “Now, you are our heavenly angel. I see you dancing in heaven with your mother and grandmother.”