Retailer Best Buy announced today gamers can pre-order Battlefield 3 online and download the game when it comes out midnight Oct. 25, when the game is released.

The new service will provide users with a code via e-mail that gives them instructions on how to download the game when it is released. Other select games are available for digital pre-order, but Battlefield 3 is currently the most hyped upcoming game with over 2 million pre-orders sold. However, players must install EA's Origin download service in order to get the game when it release.

The digital download is only available for PC. If gamers want the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions at midnight they will have to physically travel to game stores and wait in line to get a copy. Midnight release events are nothing new in the gaming world. Pre-ordering digital copies is a service already available on other online video game distribution services like Valve's Steam.

This is another sign in the trend of games becoming less reliant on physical discs. I remember feeling a bit silly when I bought a copy of Sid Meier's Civilization IV, and the only thing that came on the disc was a link to download steam with a code on the box that allowed me to get the game via the service.