Karan Brar won fans over nearly four years ago with his role as Ravi Ross on Disney's hit series "Jessie." After four amazing seasons Disney ended the show on June 7. Fortunately viewers haven't seen the last of the Ross family. Karan is gearing up, along with Skai Jackson (Zuri Ross) and Peyton List (Emma Ross), to head to camp in a brand new spinoff series called "Bunk'd." We were able to catch up with the 16-year-old star to get the scoop on "Jessie" coming to an end as well as what to expect when the Ross kids leave the penthouse behind and head to the sticks.

When “Jessie” began filming in 2011, Karan and the rest of the cast thought the show would last forever. He told International Business Times that, while the adults around them assured them it would be over before they knew it, the reality of the show's conclusion didn’t sink in until the cast was filming its final scenes. Karan shared with us that the producers had arranged for scenes for the final episodes to be the last scenes they filmed together, which had an incredible emotional impact on the entire cast.

“It was all sinking in because whatever we were feeling in the moment, we were also feeling on-screen and off-screen. It was kind of crazy. I don’t cry, but we all just burst into tears after they said, ‘That’s a wrap,’” he said. “Even though we’re all going to continue on together with spinoffs we were all just like, ‘This has been amazing parts of our lives and it’s kind of crazy that we’re closing the chapter.’”

With “Jessie” behind them, Karan and the gang can officially begin their next big project, “Bunk’d.” The show will star all the Ross kids sans Jessie Prescott (Debbie Ryan), their babysitter and mentor. Karan said he believes the decision to set this wild bunch of fun-loving trouble makers out on their own will force them to do a little growing up -- but not too much. “Bunk’d” will give Ravi, Zuri and Emma the opportunity to show viewers what they learned from their time with Jessie and prove they can survive outside their luxurious Upper West Side penthouse.

“I think it’s going to humble them. We all see them grow up a little bit because they’re in kind of a more independent state. They don’t have Jessie to guide them anymore,” he said.

Even with their newfound maturity, Karan says the show will bring on “a ton more craziness.” Even though New York City is no longer their playground the Ross kids aren’t dialing back on any of their usual antics; in fact, there will be much, much more. In addition to this wild pack of siblings, Camp Kikiwaka also has monsters, which adds a whole new element of insanity to the mix.

“You think it would dial down from being in a massive Penthouse on the Upper West Side, but it’s absolutely berserk,” he promised. “We have monsters in our episodes -- it’s absurd. We have so many crazy things going on, but it’s awesome. I think fans are going to fall in love.”

“Bunk’d” premieres Friday, July 31 at 10 p.m. EDT on Disney Channel. Check out a preview for the show below: