“Dissidia: Final Fantasy” will hit Japanese arcades next month on Nov. 26, announced Square Enix. The three-on-three fighter is currently being developed by Team Ninja of “DMC: Devil May Cry” fame, though fans of the original PSP version will notice the similarities, especially when it comes to the combat system.

Officially announced on the Japanese website of Square Enix, this is the first ever “Final Fantasy” game to make it into an arcade machine. This was an interesting fact to bring up about the series, since most games in the “Final Fantasy” series have been turn-based roleplaying games (RPG).

In addition to the official release date, Square Enix also announced a pre-play event at the company’s Tokyo headquarters. According to Gematsu, players who want to apply for the event must download the “Final Fantasy Portal” app and register through there. The cutoff date is Oct. 30 and the event will be held from Nov. 14 to 15, a week or so before the official release of the game.

Fans originally felt that “Dissidia” was a “Final Fantasy” version of “Super Smash Bros,” when it was originally announced for the PSP. Opinions changed wildly after playing the game, which featured a unique fighting system and the ability to customize characters like in an RPG.

Both features return for the arcade version, with the combat system getting a massive upgrade. While the PSP version could only support one-on-one fights, the arcade version is going to be a bonafide three-on-three fighter.

Characters from various “Final Fantasy” games make up the roster, including fan favorites like Cloud Strife, Squall Leonheart, Lightning and Warrior of Light to name a few. Like in any good RPG, players must choose their characters wisely for the three-on-three fights, as they can get pretty hectic.

Still no word on the game coming West side, but given how popular the “Final Fantasy” series is worldwide, there’s a good chance that the game will come stateside.

After all, the equally anticipated arcade fighter “Pokken Tournament” is officially coming to North America next year and is getting a Wii U port. The same could happen for “Dissidia, but only time will tell.”

Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade & PS4 2015 New Gameplay All Playable Characters (HD) (Credit: YouTube/GameplayTrailer)