Levitators, Plankers, Owlers and Lesiure Divers, who got on with the internet craze of being shot mid-air, need to watch divers at a Cliff-Diving Competition in Bohemian Village, where the adventure sports is held every year.

Levitating, planking, owling and leisure diving pictures set the internet abuzz recently with the fun associated with the acts.

But diving from a cliff, as high as 16 meters and above, is no joke. While the daring divers take a plunge into water from a cliff, rescue divers down there are alert to rush in case of any injury or accidents.

A cliff-diving competition was held in a Bohemian village Hrimezdice in Czech Republic on Saturday that attracted hundreds of spectators.

Check out some of the amazing shots from the cliff-diving competition of Czech Republic here.

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