The first teaser trailer for 'Doctor Who' season 7 debuted at the show's official convention over the weekend, revealing how Amy and Rory will leave the show before Jenna Louise-Coleman takes over as the new companion.

Footage shown was largely taken from the first episode of the series which is set to be a wild west themed episode filmed in Spain.

The teaser trailer sets the scene with a cowboy reciting the 'Our Father' prayer in a dramatic fashion in an old western town.

Amy wields a gun unsuccessfully, a cyborg has a standoff with the Doctor, and Rory looks predictably baffled.

The trailer shows that Amy and Rory, played by Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill respectively, are reunited with the Time Lord (Matt Smith). Both characters will depart in the fifth episode of the series after a battle with the Weeping Angels.

Writer and producer Steven Moffat said that in the fifth episode not everybody gets out alive - and I mean it this time!

Coleman, possibly playing an alien, will take over as the companion in the Christmas episode. The latter half of the series will air in 2013. 

Watch the teaser trailer below.