“Doctor Who” Season 8 is getting into the holiday spirit. A new sneak peek has been released from the 2014 Christmas special, and it seems the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) will have to celebrate the holiday this year -- even if he isn’t feeling merry and bright. As most fans know, “Shaun of the Dead” star Nick Frost will guest-star as Santa Claus, but no one knows exactly why the Doctor gets involved with Old St. Nick. He showed up for a cameo in the “Doctor Who” Season 8 finale to tell the Twelfth Doctor that Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) wasn’t all right, but it seems they’ll meet again. The new sneak peek video shows that this isn’t some sort of mall Santa Claus. It seems that the Doctor has landed on the actual North Pole.  

In the clip, the Doctor and Clara are with a crew when explosions start. After the blasts, an orange comes bouncing through the hole in the wall. A bunch of slinkies come through, and then a small army of robotic toys march in. Finally, we see Santa through the hole in the wall. He isn’t in a sleigh, though. Apparently, this is a one-reindeer job. He is riding Rudolph.

He enters with two elves, Wolf (Nathan McMullen), holding what looks like a toy gun, and Ian (Dan Starkey) holding a balloon shaped like a gun.

“Well, now, what seems to be the problem?" Santa asks. "This is the North Pole. We don’t want any trouble here.”

Rudolph makes a sound from outside and Santa silences him by pressing a button on his keys as if he were locking a car.  

Watch the sneak peek video from the "Doctor Who" 2014 Christmas special below:

“Doctor Who” Season 8 Christmas special, “Last Christmas,” will air Thursday, Dec. 25, at 9 p.m. EST on BBC America.