Azealia Banks was suspended from Twitter Thursday after she attacked former One Direction member Zayn Malik and Disney actress Skai Jackson, but some thought the rapper might have returned to the social media platform after a new account was created. The handle @BRUJADELBANKS emerged, claiming to be Banks.

Like Banks did on her original account, the new one trolled celebrities like Iggy Azalea. “Get back to the kangaroos aussie h--,” the page wrote to Azalea. “I just want to say that I have learned my lesson. Sometimes I go off because my artistic ability is overshadowed by crackers like Iggy.”

It appears the account is nothing but a phony, especially when the description on the page is read. “Let's try this again. Please don't suspend me I have apologized to Zayn and the black girl from Disney,” it says.

The main reason this is probably not Banks is because she has taken to Instagram since she was kicked off Twitter. She shared various posts, dedicating one to Malik and another to Jackson.

Using racial and homophobic slurs isn’t what got Banks banned from Twitter, according to the rapper. It’s because she said “whiteness is a mental illness.” She wrote Thursday: “Realize that I insulted Indians, Pakistani, black folk… and my Twitter didn’t get suspended until I said ‘Whiteness is a mental illness.’ You guys need to pay the f--- attention to what is happening here.”

After that, the Harlem native shared fan mail on her page. It’s unclear if she will return to Twitter.

For now, don’t be fooled by any Twitter accounts claiming to be Banks. The best way to see what she is saying is to check out her official Instagram page, which has more than 450,000 followers.

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