Russ Berkman's dog, Sierr,a ate his four 2012 Masters Golf tournament passes, leaving him no option but make Sierra puke so he could retrieve the pieces.

Berkman, a Seattle resident, won a lottery for the four tickets to Wednesday's practice round in Georgia.

Laying on the hardwood floor was just the strings from (the tickets), Berkman told CNN. I knew.

Berkman and his friends were planning the trip for months and he told the media that he didn't want to let his friends down. Desperate times therefore, called for desperate measures. He had to use a low dose of hydrogen peroxide to induce the dog's vomit and then sift through to find the pieces.

He managed to salvage some 70 percent of the tickets, according to the Associated Press. Berkman also took pictures of the originals and an email verification of his purchase, and called Augusta's ticket office on Monday, hoping that officials would allow him and his friends to attend.

After explaining what really happened, the Augusta National Golf Club reprinted the tickets so that the friends could be a part of the event.