Dog owners are more likely than non-dog owners to get the exercise they need, thanks to their furry friends, a poll shows.

A survey was commissioned by Mars Petcare, Reuters reported, and showed that dog owners walk more often and for longer stretches than non-dog owners.

The company recently announced its sponsorship of Woof Walk runs as part of a new pet program.

Obesity levels are rising in both humans and pets, the company's vice president of corporate affairs Debra Fair said in a statement. Taking your dog for a walk is an easy, fun and affordable way to get the entire family moving.  It's not only great for physical and mental health; it also strengthens the bonds of neighbors and communities.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that pets help owners decrease their blood pressure, as well as their cholesterol levels and their triglyceride levels.

Emotional benefits of pet ownership include decreased feelings of loneliness, as well as more opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities, and socialization, according to the CDC.

Animal behaviorist Sandra McCune notes how dog owners always need to walk out of necessity to take care of their pooches.

Personally, I have a Labrador, McCune said, Reuters reported. When it's dark, when it's raining, the dog needs a walk, every day.