Dominique Strauss-Kahn biographer Michel Taubmann has written a book he claims gives the French politician's side of the story.

Strauss-Kahn was accused of rape by a hotel maid in New York City in May in a sensational case that was felt on both sides of the Atlantic. The case was dismissed in August, but not before Strauss-Kahn had resigned from his role as managing director of the International Monetary Fund.

The book claims that the maid, Nafissatou Diallo, looked at a naked Strauss-Kahn -- who had just come out of the shower -- and then looked at his genitals.

The Associated Press published the following excerpt from the book: The flesh is weak. Dominique Strauss-Kahn saw a proposition. The situation amuses him. Rarely in his life has he refused a moment of pleasure. He does not resist the temptation to receive oral sex. The act is fast, very fast.

Diallo's lawyers said this was a complete fantasy in a statement, The AP reported.

Taubmann said in an interivew with Business Insider that he doubted Strauss-Kahn had committed rape.

The fact is, he's a famous seducer, Taubmann told BI in an interview published in July. Everyone I meet, every politician and journalist, knew that he was a great seducer. So was Francois Mitterand. So was Chirac. So is Sarkozy. It's not a problem. But no-one could imagine that Strauss Kahn could be a rapist. Nobody could imagine that. And I'm not convinced that he is guilty.