America “is in serious, serious trouble,” said 2012 presidential hopeful Donald Trump in an interview with the Today show.

He said America is the “whipping post for nations all over the world.”

If he were elected the President, he said his foreign policy would be to “take care of ourselves first.”

“We go to Afghanistan, we build a road, we build a school. Two days later they blow up the road, they blow up the school and we start rebuilding. In the meantime, we can’t even build schools in Alabama, New Orleans, Texas, and New York,” he said.

Trump said he would use the money spent on Afghanistan to build roads and schools in the US.

On Libya, he criticized current President Obama for not having a clear strategy or goal, but becoming involved nevertheless. Now, the US may actually “lose” the war against Gaddafi.  

Trump said he would not get involved in Libya unless the US can get the country’s oil.

On the current budget impasse and looming government shutdown, he said President Obama should be a leader and get everyone together to make a deal.

However, he said Obama has never made a financial deal. He, on the other hand, has made “hundreds and hundreds” of deals as a successful businessman.  

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Below are the videos of Trump’s interview on Today.