Donald Trump has been banned from guesting on “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” as announced by the show’s host. But Trump appears unfazed.

The presidential candidate said Meyers had been “begging” him to appear on the show, according to Variety. Trump shared in a statement that Meyers has been asking him to be a guest on the show for the past two years. “He has begged me to do the show … I have told him emphatically ‘no,’” the businessman and presumptive GOP nominee stated.

Trump added that he only appears on shows that have “good ratings.” He also hinted that his appearance usually helps to increase the popularity of a show. “I only like doing shows with good ratings, which as everybody knows, I only make better -- by a lot,” he said.

The business mogul has already appeared on several talk shows such as “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and“Jimmy Kimmel Live,” as indicated in the same report. Trump was also previously slated to appear on the “Late Night” show, however, that did not push through.

Meyers’ said during a segment on his show that aired Tuesday that Trump “will be banned from ever coming on" the  show. The comedian made the announcement in response to Trump banning the newspaper Washington Post from his campaign events, Us Weekly reported. Meyers added that the ban will remain in place “as long as the Washington Post is banned from Donald Trump’s campaign.”

Trump made the statement after the newspaper published an article saying he'd implied that President Barack Obama was involved in the Orlando shootings. The Washington Post released the said report following what Trump said on the show “Fox & Friends” where he shared his thoughts on the Orlando shootings.

Meyers have yet to comment on Trump’s response over the “Late Night” appearance ban.