Donald Trump deviates from the Republican establishment platform on many issues, but one area where he is toeing the traditional party line is guns. That wasn't always the case, though, and Seth Meyers called him out on his new position.

The comedian-host of of NBC's "Late Night" took a closer look at Trump's platform on gun issues on Monday's episode. The host accused the presumptive GOP nominee of pandering to the gun lobby to win the National Rifle Association's endorsement, highlighting how the businessman has changed his position on the issue since entering politics in early 2015. 

“Candidate Trump has gone so far to pander to the gun lobby, he’s even invoked gun-toting action movie characters,” Meyers said, playing a clip of Trump referencing old movie stars such as Charles Bronson to clarify his affinity for weapons. 

Meyers noted how before entering the presidential race, Trump previously supported an assault rifle ban and expanded background checks — far from the standard Republican unwillingness to disagree with any part of the NRA platform. However, on the campaign trail Trump has been promising that as president he would be unapologetically anti-gun control.  

"Trump's ham-fisted attempts to pander to gun owners were apparently enough to sway the NRA, which announced its endorsement of him Friday," said Meyers. "You might think, 'How can an organization that is devoted to defending second amendment rights back a candidate who has been so inconsistent on that issue?' Well, as NRA chief Wayne LaPierre made clear in his speech Friday, the NRA's support is less about guns specifically and more about a long list of right-wing obsessions and hatred of Hillary Clinton."

Watch Seth Meyers blast Donald Trump on "Late Night" below:

The NRA endorsed Trump at its annual convention last week in Louisville, Kentucky. In a speech to a crowd of NRA members, Trump thanked the group for its support.

"I will not let you down," Trump said, adding that he would never allow Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton to take gun owners' weapons.

"Crooked Hillary Clinton is the most anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment candidate ever to run for office," Trump continued. "And as I said before, she wants to abolish the Second Amendment. She wants to take your guns away."

Clinton fired back Saturday at the Trayvon Martin Foundation's third annual "Circle of Mothers" meeting in Florida.

"Unlike Donald Trump, I will not pander to the gun lobby, and we will not be silenced and we will not be intimidated," Clinton said. "As long as children anywhere are being killed by gun violence, we will keep fighting for our kids, because they deserve a president who stands up for them and stands with the mothers here. Their lives are valuable."