Donald Trump, the billionaire real estate mogul currently polling at the head of the Republican primary pack, is holding his largest campaign event to date in Mobile, Alabama. After changing venues two days before a scheduled campaign stop in the state to accommodate an "overwhelming response," Trump is stepping up to the podium to address people at the Ladd-Peebles Stadium, where performers like Taylor Swift and Jimmy Buffet have packed the seats.

You can watch his rally online, here.

Trump, who has a healthy lead ahead of his Republican competition in national and local polls, has been making headlines and consuming television coverage over the past two months during his improbable rise to the head of the group. His rise has not been without controversy, though, but he's managed to take it all in stride and hasn't been afraid to go after his opponents.

This week, Trump has been sparring with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the man who had been seen as the inevitable winner of the Republican primary. Clearly, things have changed, and now the two have gone blow for blow over immigration and their records. Trump has claimed that Bush's campaign lacks energy and momentum, while attacking him on issues as diverse as immigration policy and Iraq war policy. Bush has shot back, pointing out that Trump was a longtime Democrat before recently jumping ship to the Republican team, and that he has no real conservative record.




The Trump campaign told reporters that Friday night's event had 42,000 RSVPs, necessitating the move to a larger venue. That said, reporters on the ground pointed out that, while the Trump plane circled around the venue in a flyby about an hour before Trump was expected to take the stage, the stadium was far from filled. Whether or not Trump can fill the stadium -- which can hold anywhere from 32,000 to 50,000 spectators depending on the event -- remains to be seen.