Donnie Wahlberg and wife Jenny McCarthy insist there's no bad blood between them and Mark Wahlberg, despite rumors to the contrary. The couple made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show early today where they discussed Mark, among other things. Donnie assured Stern there'd been no "falling out", and that the two brothers simply have chaotic schedules.

Rumors of a feud between Mark and Donnie go back to the New Kids on the Block singer's wedding. Mark was noticeably absent from the August 2014 nuptials, which got the tabloids buzzing. Donnie, however, insists the reason for his absence is far less interesting.

"Mark didn't come to the wedding. It was his daughter's birthday," he told Stern, before adding, "And you know what: I didn't go to Mark's wedding. It wasn't personal; I was working."

Donnie claimed he didn't hold Mark's absence against him. He also said things between Mark and McCarthy are fine as well, saying his brother has "been wonderful."

"The times he's met her he's been gracious and wonderful," he revealed.

That's not all Donnie had to talk about during the segment. Stern seized the opportunity to get the 45-year-old former boy band member's opinion on some important pop culture news. The Serius XM host asked Donnie his opinion on Zayn Malik's recent departure from One Direction and whether or not he felt the 22-year-old could make it on his own. While many are certain Malik can stand on his own two feet, Donnie didn't seem convinced. 

"It depends on what guy you are," he said. "It's hard to say. Look at Justin Timberlake. You never know. But he may be the Lance Bass of the group and probably should stay. It just depends who you are. If you know who you are in the pecking order, you can make those choices."

Only time will tell. Regardless of Donnie's sound advice, Malik released his first solo song on Soundcloud Monday evening. The song, which is produced by Naughty Boy, has garnered a lot of buzz despite being a rough edit.

Whether he decides to pursue a solo career or not, Donnie says he wont be coming for Malik's spot in One Direction any time soon. The New Kids crooner said the 1D fellas "smoke too much weed" for him.