While suspected L.A. arsonist Harry Burkhart was behind bars after being arrested for setting over 50 fires in the Los Angeles area this past weekend, his mother was in court herself, and was looking for her son.  Can you bring my son inside? the Associated Press reported her saying. Where is my son?

Dorothee Burkhart is in legal trouble of her own, and police think that Harry Burkhart set the L.A. fires due to his anger over his mother's pending deportation because of those problems. Back in her home country of Germany, Dorothee Burkhart is facing a slew of charges, including 19 counts of fraud stemming from her failure to pay for a 2004 breast augmentation surgery and stealing security deposits from renters. Dorothee also has a domain registered to her name that advertises sensual massages by appointment only - though the website specifically states that it is not prostitution.  

In court, Dorothee Burkhart reportedly appeared confused, asking whether her son was alive or dead, and claiming that Harry Burkhart was mentally ill. She also reportedly asked if the Nazi's were aware of where she and her son live. Both Harry and Dorothee Burkhart are being held without bail. Dorothee's court date was pushed back until Friday to provide her with time to find an attorney. Harry is expected to be charged on Wednesday.

Dorothee was arrested on Dec. 28 after a provisional arrest warrant, which is issued by the Justice Department when someone is facing charges overseas, was served at her house. Harry Burkhart was present when the warrant was served.               

While some neighbors described Harry Burkhart as a loner who often argued with his mother, others portrayed a softer side. Shlomo Elady, who often cut Harry's hair, told the Associated Press that and his mom got along. He loved his mom, the way every son loves his mom, he said.

Harry was arrested on Tuesday after authorities received a tip from federal officials after they recognized him in a security video. When they saw the security footage, they recognized him and they contacted the arson task force, a State Department official told The Associated Press.

Harry Burkhart, who is in America on a non-immigrant visa, reportedly said F--- the United States! at his mother's court hearing last week. From there, Harry apparently went on an arson spree, setting more than 50 fires over a four-day period, causing $3 million in damages.  The fires forced many people to evacuate their homes, though there were no injuries reported.