Another one of the reversal patterns, the triple top or bottom, is a variation of the Head and Shoulders. The only difference is that the three peaks or troughs in this pattern occur at about the same level. Triple tops or bottoms and the head and shoulders reversal pattern are interpreted in similar fashion and mean essentially the same thing. Double tops and bottoms (also called M's and W's because of their shape) show two prominent peaks or troughs instead of three. A double top is identified by two prominent peaks. The inability of the second peak to move above the first peak is the first sign of weakness. When prices then decline and move under the middle trough, the double top is completed. The measuring technique for the double top is also based on the height of the pattern. The height of the pattern is measured and projected downward from the point where the trough is broken. The double bottom is the mirror image of the top.

Triple Top:


Double Top:


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