“Downton Abbey” creator Julian Fellowes may have just stirred up some trouble with Matthew Crawley fans. Fellowes recently revealed to xfinityTV that he’s “quite glad” that Matthew was killed off in season three … but it’s not exactly what you think. The creator is happy since it means better storylines for Matthew’s widow, Mary.

“Originally I thought we would kill Matthew at the beginning of the new [season], but the way things worked out, we didn’t have that option,” the creator explained. “Actually, I’m quite glad of it now because being away from it for six months, we don’t have to do funerals and all that. [Mary] has had six months to go through the first mourning period.”

Matthew’s death at the end of season three gives “Downton Abbey” an opportunity to introduce a new love interest in season four for Mary. According to actress Michelle Dockery, there will be “quite a few” men to help her move on. “There are a few potential suitors,” Dockery dished to E! Online. “[But] I don’t even know where it’s going yet.”

Two of Mary’s rumored suitors are actors Tom Cullen and Julian Ovenden. Cullen, a British actor, is set to play Lord Gillingham and according to IMDB will appear in the first episode. Ovenden will also appear in the first episode, and will be playing a character named Charles Blake.

Season four of “Downton Abbey” picks up six months after it left off. For those who don’t remember, season three concluded with Mary giving birth to a healthy baby boy and Matthew going on a joy ride, ecstatic over the addition to his family. The ride took a turn for the worst when Matthew swerved to avoid hitting a car. The camera cut back to Matthew with his car flipped over and him lifeless with blood running from his ears.

U.S. fans can catch season four of “Downton Abbey” when it premieres on PBS next Jan. 5. Let us know what you think of Mary’s potential love interests.