“Downton Abbey” will come to an end after Season 6, but creator Julian Fellowes is far from done writing fantastic television. Fellowes has a new project lined up, and, not surprisingly, it's another period piece. The new show will be an adaptation of the 1858 Anthony Trollope novel, “Doctor Thorne.”

According to Cinema Blend, “Doctor Thorne” will take the form of a three-part miniseries to air on the British television network ITV. The project is currently in development and no casting details or estimated premiere date has been released at this time. Fellowes, though, told Variety he was excited to bring his unique take to the classic novel.  

“As a lifetime devotee of Trollope, my own favorite among the great 19th-century English novelists and certainly the strongest influence over my work that I am conscious of, it is tremendously exciting and satisfying to know that my adaptation of one of his best-loved novels is coming to ITV,” Fellowes said. “I could not be more delighted.”

So, what is the story behind "Doctor Thorne"? The novel centers on the problematic love affair between Mary Thorne and Frank Gersham. Mary is the niece of Dr. Thomas Thorne, who adopted the girl after her mother moved to America following the murder of Mary’s father -- Dr. Thorne’s brother. Gersham, on the other hand, is the only son of a local squire who wants him to marry a woman of a higher social class than Mary to help ease the Gersham family’s financial woes.

The plot seems very much in line with the subtle class drama fans have enjoyed for six seasons on “Downton Abbey.” No announcement has been made yet regarding whether or not PBS or any other U.S. television network will make a deal with ITV to distribute the show in America.

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