Fragments of Dr. Phil's interview with Casey Anthony's parents have begun filtering out, offering glimpses of a tense conversation about when George and Cindy Anthony became aware of their granddaughter Caylee's death.

In an excerpt shown on Monday's Today Show, Dr. Phil questions Cindy about a message she posted implying she knew of Caylee's disappearance 12 days before she called 911. The post also exposes the rift between Caylee's grandparents and her mother Casey, who was eventually acquitted of murder charges in a nationally watched trial.

My Caylee is missing, Cindy wrote in the message. She came into my life unexpectedly just as she has left me. Jealousy has taken her away, jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all the love and support given to her.

Cindy denied that she meant the words literally, telling Dr. Phil that a reference in the message to Casey's lies and betrayal were a reference to Casey not letting Cindy and George interact with their granddaughter.

I wanted [Casey] to know how much she was hurting me, Cindy explains to Dr. Phil. And I thought that she was purposely keeping Caylee away from me.

Both George and Cindy denied connecting a mysterious scent emanating from the back of their car with Caylee's remains, which prosecutors argued were the source of the stench.

Do you want to believe Caylee was back there? I don't want to believe it. But I'm going by what investigators have told me, George says.

Here is the preview: