Beyoncé and Drake have teamed once again for a new song titled “Can I,” and the unfinished version has hit the Internet. The two singers last worked on 2013's “Mine” on Beyoncé's self-titled album.

Sal Houdini, who is featured alongside Drake and Queen Bey on the song, took to his Instagram account to react to the leak. "I didn't mean to do this; it was just for fun," he wrote. Though many versions of the song are available on Internet, hear the full version of “Can I” on Rolling Stone magazine's site here.

“Tell you what I think my biggest flaw is/I try to be consistent but I can't," Drake raps in the song. "Have an honest moment with you right now/Tell me who the f--- you want to be?" Beyoncé  is mostly heard singing, "Can I, baby?” in between Drake's lyrics. According to Stereo Gum, “the long outro suggests that this is a demo that Bey will later add a verse.”

Drake first talked about the song in an interview with Four Pins. He told the magazine that he has a “collaboration with Beyoncé that he recorded a while ago.” The rapper did not name the song but various websites are speculating that Drake was talking about “Can I.”

“Can I” will be featured on Drake's forthcoming fifth studio album, "Views From The 6.” The 28-year-old has recorded two songs for the album and is working on the others, the website writes. Drake told the website that he wants his album to “shock listeners just as much as it needs to impress them.”

Drake was recently in the news for his controversial, onstage kiss with Madonna at the recent Coachella festival in California. Drake looked visibly disgusted when Madonna planted a kiss on his lips during one of her performances. The rapper, who was criticized for his reaction, posted a picture of the kiss on his Instagram profile with the following caption, “Don't misinterpret my shock!!” Drake also wrote that he is going to “make out with queen Madonna.”