Drake has reportedly reacted to Meek Mill’s latest diss track featured in the latter’s upcoming album “Dreamchasers 4.” Drake thinks that Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend is nothing but a “complete joke,” and the Canadian rapper hardly cares about the “lame threats,” Hollywood Life reported.

“[Drake] feels that Meek should worry about making himself a success on his own merits instead of trying to diss him to make himself look good,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Talking a big game and doing varying diss tracks against Drake is only making Drake laugh about everything and he thinks all the stuff that Meek is doing and has been doing is all just lame threats.”

According to reports, fans speculate that Mill does not want to end his feud with Drake, which began in July. The Philadelphia rapper has been constantly taking potshots at his rival and lately added fuel to the fire by hinting at a Drake diss in new snippets from his album “Dreamchasers 4.”

"When I was saying s--- about the rhymes you ain't wrote/ I can't wait until we run into ya/ I'ma put a gun in ya,” the lyrics of Mill’s upcoming track read. The lyrics directly make reference to Mill’s ghostwriter accusations.

Mill and Drake’s public spat began after the "All Eyes on You" rapper took to Twitter and told people not to compare him with Drake because he doesn't write his own rap songs. Drake responded with two diss songs, “Charged Up” and “Back to Back.” Mill later fired back at Drake with "Wanna Know."

Their feud intensified after some songs in Drake’s mixtape with Future, titled “What a Time to Be Alive,” took aim at the “House Party” rapper and his girlfriend Minaj. Drake had previously confessed his love for Mill’s girlfriend.

As the feud between Drake and Mill heats up, reports also surfaced that the former is keeping tabs on his rival and his girlfriend. A video, which recently went viral on social media, shows a photo of Mill and Minaj on Drake’s phone while he is seen at a basketball game, Hollywood Life reported. Rumors surfaced that Drake may be stalking the couple on Instagram, but the authenticity of the video could not be verified.

While Mill is looking for ways to target Drake, the latter has expressed his ignorance toward the feud.

Last week, a video surfaced online showing Drake laughing at one of Mill’s fans who heckled him at a Los Angeles Clippers game. “Drake! Drake! You ain’t Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill! Meek Mill!” the fan shouted. But Drake did not bother to respond and just laughed.

However, a source told Billboard, that Drake has been taking “a lot of fuel” from his recent feud with Mill to pen some new tracks for his album “Views From The 6.” Drake’s latest album is rumored to arrive sometime in early 2016, according to the Inquistr.