Nicki Minaj loves Drake's latest album "Views From the 6" but she does not want her boyfriend Meek Mill to know about it, Hollywood Life reported. Drake and Mill have been feuding since July 2015, and in his latest album, the Canadian rapper took shots at his rival once again.

“Nicki’s ear has been all glued to Drake’s album, and she loves it,” a source told Hollywood Life. “She couldn’t stop bobbing her head to some of the songs on Views. [She thinks that] Drake’s so talented. Every time he grabs the mic something epic comes out, and she couldn’t be prouder.

“She was so excited to listen to his new album that she didn’t do it anywhere in Meek’s presence,” the source added. “That would have made him so jealous and Nicki didn’t want that. She’d never admit this, but she thinks Drake is a far more superior rapper than her own man. But that’s on the super, super down low.”

Drake slammed Mill in one of his new tracks "Hype," by indirectly making references to the latter's allegations that the 29-year-old uses ghostwriters for his songs.

"I don’t run out of material/You shouldn’t speak on me period/You try to give your side of the story/They heard it/But they weren’t hearing it," Drake said in the song.

Since the two started their public spat, Drake and Mill released several diss tracks targeting each other. Their ongoing battle reignited in January after they released new tracks taking potshots at one another. Drake released his latest single, “Summer Sixteen,” following which Mill dropped the second installment of his “4/4” mixtape during the live stream of "OVO Sound Radio."

Hollywood Life reported Friday that Mill may be planning to release a mixtape in response to Drake's latest diss.

“Drake may think he’s sitting pretty and on top of the game with Views but Meek’s preparing to knock him down real fast. He’s heard the album and it’s not on fire that way Drake thinks it is,” another source told Hollywood Life. “Meek’s been at the crib, writing a series of new songs for a mixtape he’s planning on dropping once he’s off house arrest and it’s going to murder Drake’s album.”

Meanwhile, Drake also opened up about his current relationship with Minaj in a recent interview, where he said that he is not on talking terms with the "Anaconda" singer because of his feud with Mill.